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Watercolors. Great. Just what I wanted grandma to give my toddler for his birthday. At least they were non-toxic – for when he started eating them. I imagined the mess they’d make. I hid them away quickly, not realizing how those eight basic colors would shape me.

Two weeks later, large snowdrifts were bunched around the house, making indoor activities our primary entertainment. I took a breath and said, “Let’s try out your new paints,” to the bundle of energy running around me. I gathered paper, a tiny bowl of water and a stack of paper towels before opening the paint kit.

I cheered my son on, encouraging him to imitate a circle I painted. He tried, but soon his attention span gave way. His interest turned to chewing on the brush and mixing the colors in their tray.

"I realized that I was enjoying
the opportunity to create."

I stuck with the painting, though. With a different brush, I painted some blue wavy lines. A few more washes of color later I had a resemblance of a seascape. I added a cartoonish yellow sun and sat back to look at it.

Then I realized that I was enjoying the opportunity to create. I was taking a few minutes to set aside my mommy title and just have fun, with and without my son! I mean, there’s not many creative ways you can wash dishes, fold laundry and vacuum cereal out of the car.

I sent my son’s paintings in thank-you notes to his grandparents and proudly displayed my painting on the refrigerator as a reminder that I am always growing as a mom and as a woman … while doing dishes, laundry … 

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