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World Religions

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Jehovah's Witness


Kingdom of the Cults

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormonism/LDS/Reorganized LDS (RLDS)/Community of Christ

New Age Movement

Oneness Pentecostalism


False Teachings

Wiccans Alternative Subcultures: Gothics, Vampirism, Punks, Nu-Punks, Death Metal, Moshers, Grungers, Skaters, etc.

(An external web site run by Spotlight Ministries. Although alternative sub-cultures are not recognized as religions they sometimes function in similar ways. This external site examines the alternative sub-cultures in a way that is designed to be appealing to those in these movements.)

If there is a religion you would like researched, please email us and we'll try our best to find info.

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